Below are links to a selection of my writings—all in PDF files.
I've made these downloads available for free. No charge. Zilch. Nada. Enjoy.


The Delaplaines of America

A one-name genealogy of the Delaplaine family of America, who are all believed to have descended from one man: Nicholas de la Plaine, who immigrated to Nieuw Amsterdam in 1657. 640 pages.


“Inside the Colorado UFO Project”

The story of my involvement with the Air Force UFO project in 1968 and what I discovered about the inner workings of that project. The true story surfaces after all these years!

“All About Black Holes”

black holes thayer
Everything you ever wanted to know about black holes but were afraid to ask. Includes photos of actual black holes.

“The Computer and I”

My half-century-long love-hate affair with mainframes and personal computers. From IBMs to Wintels. Includes programming notes.