Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.
—Sholem Asch, New York Herald Tribune, Nov. 6, 1955

On these pages I discuss things that bother me a lot. What people do or think that I believe is wrong. Things that are perplexing or controversial. People who say what they don’t mean, or mean what they don’t say. Things that are so stupid they virtually defy understanding. All of us like to complain, and I have plenty to complain about. What you will see here is merely a small sample of things I have a problem with. Perhaps you can relate to some of these things, or maybe you will disagree with some of them. Either way, you may find this material interesting.
I will also discuss some things such as the music I like or don’t like. Because music is so much a part of our lives, I devote an entire page to this subject. Some are of historical nature, such as when I first realized that Rock and Roll was fated to take over most of the popular music world. Others are a matter of opinion. It has been truly said that in matters of taste, there is no argument. This said, I obviously don’t expect everyone to agree with my musical tastes. But to know the things that a person likes is to begin to know that person, and I want you to begin to know me. Hence these pages.
Mine is not to do or die; mine is but to tell you why.