Moments in a Life

We do not remember days, we remember moments.
—Cesare Pavese (1908–1950. Italian poet, critic, novelist, and translator)

The material on these pages is excerpted from my “memoirs.” They are not really an autobiography; I find those generally to be boring, often tediously so. I decided to write up brief episodes in my life that might be of interest to others who chanced to read about them. My daughter, who lived at home when I first began this project (you don’t want to know how long ago that was!), had a poster with a picture of a sailboat and the quote from Cesare Pavese on it. It struck me right between the eyes. Of course—Moments in a Life. And so the title of my memoirs was fixed before I even began writing them.
At this time these memoirs are in three separate sections, as DTP files: Parts 1, 2 and 3. Part 1 is somewhat chronological, but only because it seemed logical that it should be so. Most of the material in the first few sections of the “Living Dangerously” tab are from Part 1—because almost all of the episodes were horrific in one way or another. The rest of the sections in that tab are from a separate file called “Narrow Escapes.” The title is self-explanatory.
Part 2 is a document tentatively titled “Stray Moments.” These were significant episodes in my life, written down more or less as they came to me (or as I managed to drag them kicking and screaming from my memory’s hoard). As such, there was no organization to them. Doing these web pages forced me to sit down and relegate the various episodes into one or another category, so that’s a good thing. Some of them went into the “Living Dangerously” page, but many of them are in the “Amazing Stories” page. Not all of these are really amazing, but a good many of them are. The others I might better call “surprising” or “striking” rather than “amazing.” But no matter. Some organization is better than no organization.
The remainder of the Part 1 episodes will go in another, as yet unnamed, page. They comprise episodes that were highly significant to me. As such, they may be of interest to you, also. This tab may well end up with the same title as Part 2: “Stray Moments.” Unless I think of a better title. I’m working on it.
I have not yet decided what, if anything, to do with Part 3 and some documents that are related to Part 3 but not included therein at this time. If I do include them, I shall most likely put them under a tab with a title like “The Dark Side.” Most of these are of a shocking nature, which is why I hesitate to include them. Time will determine the resolution of my indecision about this.